Monetization Venues

Patent sales

Private Brokerage

  • Utilizes standard processes and state of the art IP analysis to monetize IP
  • Back-end success fee of 15 - 25%
  • 4 to 6 month term
  • Reserve pricing set upfront by client

Buying a patent portfolio

IP Auction

  • ICAP's IP Auction is only open to the public marketplace facilitating the sale and acquisition of IP assets. 
  • The IP auction platform stimulates competitiveness and immediacy
  • Transactions closed through either a live or sealed bid process
  • All reserves are kept confidential
  • Many lots trade prior to the auction

Patent broker

Corporate Auction

  • ICAP's Corporate Auction Platform is rapidly becoming the patent monetization venue of choice for large patent holders
  • Allows a client to sell assets with a dedicated platform focused exclusively on their brand and patent assets
  • Transactions closed through a sealed bid process
  • Unique encumbrance disclosure mechanism allows sellers to disclose highly sensitive information only to vetted interested parties

Patent portfolio monetization

Covenant Not to Sue (CNS)

  • Covenants Not to Sue (CNS) is a mediation tool for in-litigation patent portfolios
  • The product provides a quick and easy means for portfolio holders to generate returns and fund operations without the cost of a larger licensing campaign
  • The product works with potential buyers that are wither in pre-litigation or currently in litigation with a seller

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