Wearables Analysis Including Sleep Monitoring & Temperature Calculation


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Seller Gaby Badre (Bader)
Sector Sleep/Wakefulness Monitoring and Temperature Analysis
Assets 2 - US Patents; 5 - Foreign Patents; 4 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 5,846,206 7,388,507
Other Patents DE 0764000; EP 0764000; FR 0764000; GB 0764000; SE 508285
Applications DE 1995629675; SE 20030000278; PCT/SE04/00137; PCT/SE95/00629

Lot Summary

The portfolio for sale includes 2 US granted patents on sleep analysis and temperature monitoring. The object of the 1st patent is to utilize a corresponding relationship between the cardiac/respiratory function and a person’s body movements in order to estimate the person’s wakefulness and thereby the drowsiness of the person in question, as well as determining the different sleep stages.

The 2nd patent, 7388507, provides registration of the temperature of a person, without requiring that a thermometer be applied on or in the person’s body. Temperature measurement is established through sensors embedded in a textile product, intended to abut against the person during use. The system may be used for monitoring the state of a person, wherein a predetermined threshold condition is monitored, and an alarm signal is emitted to activate an alarm unit when the condition is fulfilled.

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