Vascular Implants & Shunts for Biomedical Technology Including Stem Cells & Genes; Instruments & Procedures; Non-Invasive, Painless Electrical Atrial & Ventricular Heart Pacing


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ID Cardio 014
Seller T. Anthony Don Michael
Sector Angioplasty, Atherosclerosis, Intravascular Instruments, Catheters, Balloon Catheters, Guidewires, Vascular Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Heart Pacing, Electrodes
Assets 4 - US Patents; 2 - US Applications; 2 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 6,006,138 7,169,171 7,524,303 8,679,058
Applications US 10/005,699; US 61/478,693; AU 20030226321; PCT/US03/10732

Lot Summary

The technology includes at least three relevant cardiovascular products: blood clot removal systems (US 8,679,058 and US 7,524,303), a distal protection double balloon catheter with bypass flow lumen (US 7,169,171), and an atrio-ventricular pacing system introduced orally with electrodes being pushed against atria and ventricles (US 6,006,138). The blood clot removal systems include a kit composed of a relatively small number of simple components that are capable of being used in various combinations and/or sequences to successfully treat all arterial obstructions that require urgent treatment. The kit primarily performs angioplasty, stenting or clot removal procedures in a blood vessel, and can be used to remove thrombus prior to such procedures, especially in emergency situations. The distal protection double balloon catheter includes a bypass flow lumen that provides downstream microcirculatory system protection during a dual balloon catheter procedure. The ventricular pacing system provides a non-invasive means of pacing the heart by accessing the stomach adjacent to the ventricles via the natural orifices of the mouth and esophagus.

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