ICAP Patent Brokerage's mark-to-market patent valuation services provide comprehensive, unbiased, and thoroughly supported appraisals of patent portfolio market value on behalf of individual inventors, SMEs, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies. Valuation fees vary by portfolio, with fees on consigned portfolios credited against ICAP's commission.

ICAP Patent Brokerage—the world’s largest neutral patent intermediary—originated the first patent auction nearly ten years ago, and builds on its legacy of innovation with the development of a unique valuation product, featuring a multivariable model that incorporates our proprietary historical trading data, buyer bidding activity, and broker insights to accurately reflect today’s IP market.

This unique approach to valuation focuses on three key areas: patent strength, sector grade, and market conditions. Each area contains between two and twelve quantitative or qualitative variables pertaining to a variety of technical, economic, and legal factors, enabling ICAP Patent Brokerage to identify a relevant range of values associated with acquisition, licensing, and financial reporting.

To learn more about ICAP Patent Brokerage’s valuation services:
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