User Movement Capture For AR/VR Environments

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Seller Garett Engle
Sector Virtual Reality; AI; Gesture Control
Assets 2 US Patents
US Patents 9,122,395 9,361,023

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With a 2012 priority date, the disclosed portfolio describes systems for detecting finger, hand,
mouth, lip, or facial movements and using such gestures as an input for a computing device. This
system is particularly valuable in virtual reality and/or augmented reality environments where user
movement can be used as the primary input means instead of traditional methods such as keyboards
and mice. This portfolio includes the following:

Abstract (US 9,122,395 & 9,361,023)
A reader is utilized to detect motion of a user's fingers when a user mimics a typing motion. The
system can be used to define various key press states for particular finger positions and then
monitor the motion of fingers to detect when a key state is entered. The system can then provide
the detected key state as input to a system expecting the data input.

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