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Seller Great Northern Research, LLC
Sector Natural Language Processing
Assets 3 - US Patents; 4 - US Applications
US Patents 8,219,407 8,595,642 8,793,137
Applications US 13/900,480; US 14/445,096; US 60/983,125; US 61/017,121

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With a 2007 priority date, the disclosed portfolio describes systems and methods to improve performance and user-acceptability of speech interfaces, providing an intuitive, hands-free way to communicate with and control automated devices, including:
• A multifaceted graphic user interface with a plurality of shells or layers that enables speech-based interaction with applications and processes that do not necessarily have native support for speech input. The system provides separate “focus” for natural language speech interaction and pointing device focus, and automatically switches speech focus in a context sensitive manner. (US 8,595,642 - Priority Date: 10-04-2007)
• A system and method for processing speech input comprising a speech recognizer and a logical command processor. A speech recognizer receives input from a user, and when a command is identified in the speech input, a representation of the speech input is stored for subsequent processing, provided the command meets conditions that require additional processing. The user is prompted to supply missing information, and subsequent user input is added to the command structure until the command input is aborted or the command structure reaches sufficient completeness to enable execution of the command. (US 8,219,407 - Priority Date: 12-27-2007)

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