Shoe-based Weight Measuring System

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A shoe-based weight measuring system, comprising: a shoe; one or more weight sensitive detectors constructed and arranged with the shoe to sense weight of a person wearing the shoe while walking or standing; a processor for processing signals from the detectors to determine a weight of the person; a remote receiver; and a communications port for wirelessly communicating the weight to the remote receiver. An on-demand weight system, comprising a weight detector coupled with a shoe for sensing weight of a person on the detector, processor processing information from the detector for determining applied weight, a personal data display, and a communications port for wirelessly relaying the applied weight to the data display.

Additional claims focus on weight loss or change of weight. Since the system works in real-time, runners can know, for example, of water loss information during a race. The system can also detect and notify of improper athletic form in walking, running, or sports-specific motion.

Sample Forward Citing Companies: Adidas, Samsung, Sony, IBM, Brunswick (LifeFitness)

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