Remote Health Data Management System


Inventor-Driven Auction: Cybernet / Chuck Jacobus - December 10th, 2015

SOLD PRE-AUCTION - Inventor-Driven Auction: Cybernet / Chuck Jacobus - December 10th, 2015
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Seller Cybernet/Chuck Jacobus
Sector Personal Health/Fitness
Assets 1 - US Patent; 1 - US Application
US Patents 6,723,046
Applications US 60/264,739

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With priority dates from 2001, the disclosed portfolio describes techniques to remotely acquire, transfer and display patient medical data, which both standardize medical appliance and communication protocols and reduce healthcare costs, including:

1. A device, system and method to acquire medical data from a plurality of physiological measurement devices (e.g., diabetes & heart failure) at a patients home, and transfer the data via a wired/wireless telecommunications network to a remotely accessed, web-based data management and display system. The measurement device, which supports two-way communications between the patient and the database system, is extensible to support multiple plug-in medical devices and devices for patient input or identification. Collection of data is mediated through an interface device that is connected via a digital link (e.g., serial, network or digital RF link) to single or multiple patient measurement devices. This interface device is connected to a wide area network via standard phone lines or wired/wireless devices. In a preferred embodiment, data transfer is mediated through pervasive DTMF phone networks. Although DTMF is the preferred format, alternative analog or digital audio tone formats may be used. [US 6,723,046]

Sample Forward Citing Companies: Abbott Laboratories, Honeywell, Pharos Innovations, Sanofi, Sharp

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