Patent Portfolios aVAILABLE

Cloud Security

The technologies and claims subsumed within this premium patent portfolio opportunity pertain, among other things, to the following: (i) identity and access management (IAM); (ii) software licensing; (iii) cloud infrastructure management; (iv) cloud security for IoT and mobile technologies; (v) heuristic scanning, threat detection and blocking; (vi) software management; (vii) antivirus applications and optimization; (viii) parental control; (ix) fraud detection; (x) security hardware; (xi) data privacy and security; (xi) encryption, and (xii) automotive. 

MRI Technology

This US patent portfolio relates to low power remote health monitoring utilizing compressive sampling, a power and data-efficient technology. The inventions disclosed and claimed in this patent portfolio solve the extant problems of remote medical device

power consumption, while recognizing the advent of 5G telecommunications, the

Internet of things (“IoT”), cloud data storage and “edge computing,” in which this

technology can be optimally deployed. All of this, when taken together, enables

fast, low-power processing and transmission of remote patient health care


Distributed Cloud Computing

1) Patents for sale in the area of Home Networks, Multimedia Streaming, Daas, P2P Networks, Interoperability in Heterogeneous Networks, Protection Against Attacks, Memory Allocation, User Level DMA I/O, Brokering Cloud Services, Microserver Fabric Networks 

2) Patents for sale in the areas of: Distributed denial of service (DD0S) attack detection, Synchronous Transmission of Content, Distributed Data Switching Networks, Cloud Broadcasting, Virtualized Services in Heterogeneous Networks 

3) Patents for sale in the area of Low-density parity-check (LDPC) for Terrestrial Cloud Broadcasting Signals 

Automated Motor Vehicle Fueling

Patents for sale on technology for automating the delivery of motor vehicle fuel wherein the need for motor vehicle user involvement is minimized. 

Location Based Services

Patents for sale on technology for location determination (indoor and outdoor), covering: Navigation, Wireless technology, Beacons, Location-based services, and social location-based services, This technology is a method for determining and transmitting location data for a location of a wireless communication device.  The wireless communication device receives radio signals from nearby devices.  Location data is detected within the radio signal, and the location data is transmitted.

Beacon Deployment, APIs, and Beacon-to-Mobile (B2M)

Patents for sale related to:

1) Mobile data processing Systems (MSs) interacting with systems in their vicinity, and with each other, in communications and interoperability.

2) Distributed system and method for enabling new and useful location dependent features for mobile data processing Systems (MSs) to interact with each other as peers in communications and interoperability. 

3)Data is communicated using sound waves to carry out novel location-based exchanges of data for new mobile applications. 

e-Cigarette / Vaping Technologies

Patents for sale on technology to redress problems plaguing the vaping sector, like consumers not knowing exactly what it is that they are vaping, where it was manufactured or sourced, as well as vaping devices being used for illicit purposes or purposes not sanctioned by the device manufacturer. Additionally, the portfolio claims emission-free vaping means to mitigate problems associated with indoor vaping. Finally, the portfolio has claims related to maintaining digital connectivity to the consumer through vaping devices.