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ID Cardio 052 PS
Seller Wizard Industries, Inc.
Sector Surgical Room Instrument Detection
Assets US 6,833,789, Manufacturing Molds, COGs, and Manufacturing Information

Lot Summary

Hospitals lose thousands of dollars of expensive surgical instruments that are accidentally disposed with drapes and other waste after surgery.  The patented technology offered for sale detects and counts metal instruments as they are disposed with drapes.  An audible alert warns personnel when a metal instrument is detected.

Included in the lot for assignment is a single issued U.S. Patent with early priority date, expensive manufacturing molds, limited remaining product inventory, and all associated assets.  Seller will take back an exclusive fully-paid license for restaurant/kitchen use.  Limited, but helpful, information on COGs and prior sales data is available under NDA.  Evidence suggests that the product sells for many multiple times its cost to manufacture.  Prior manufacturer remains available to quote and supply future product runs and inventory orders.

Hospitals and other customers regularly call the current patent owner for product purchase inquiries.  These inquiries remain unmet, as patent owner does not have a sales and product support force to service customers on a go-forward basis.

The Surgical Instrument Detector is a 360° loop type metal detector imbedded in the lid of a standard sized hamper stand that is designed to alert medical staff whenever a metal object such as surgical instruments and tools are accidentally discarded into medical waste receptacles or linen bags. By sounding an immediate alert, the staff is able to quickly retrieve the discarded instruments at the point of loss. A digital numeric counter tracks the number of detection events that pass through the detector, thereby allowing staff to easily determine the effectiveness of the detector, and the alertness and performance of personnel in the OR suite. The use of the device enables staff to have their awareness raised, and good habits reinforced in order to help prevent loss of costly surgical instruments.

“The amount of money lost on surgical instruments disposed with surgical drapes is astronomical,” said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. “I updated this tool to give hospital professionals a powerful, precision-based, feature-rich metal detector so those mistakes are easily eliminated.”

Priority Date: September 24, 2001

Representative Claim: US 6,833,789, Claim #1

1. An apparatus for detecting utensils being improperly placed in a trashcan having a top periphery forming an aperture to the trashcan, the apparatus comprising:

a mounting lip adapted to conform to the top periphery of the trashcan and adapted to removably mount to the top periphery of the trashcan to surround the aperture of the trashcan;

a funnel shaped entryway attached to the mounting lip and extending from an inside perimeter of the mounting lip;

a plurality of vertical walls attached to the funnel shaped entryway wherein the vertical walls are substantially below the mounting lip and the top periphery f the trashcan and inside surfaces of the plurality of vertical walls form an opening to the trashcan;

a detector coil coupled to and surrounding the plurality of vertical walls for detecting metal passing through the opening to the trashcan; and

control electronics integrally attached outside of the mounting lip and coupled to the detector coil, the control electronics comprising:

a speaker coupled to the detector coil for providing an audio alert to a user to warn that the detector coil has detected metal passing through the opening.