OLED Microdisplay

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Seller Srikanth Sundararajan
Sector Display
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US Patents 9,082,735
Applications US 62/037,224; PCT/US15/45258

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With a priority date of 2014, this portfolio offers benefits for organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, including:

1. An organic light emitting display includes an OLED that includes an anode metal connected to a transparent cathode. An organic diode stack further comprising: electron-transport layer, hole transport layer and the emission layer organized into deep trench high aspect ratio structures in a bottom plane of the organic light emitting display and sandwiched between and the anode and cathode layers described above. A first stratum of thin transparent silicon that is attached to a diode plane in the organic light emitting display through a high aspect ratio via a second stratum of thin transparent silicon that is attached to the first stratum and forming addressing transistors for the devices on the first strata. The OLED emits light in response to bias voltages existing on the first and second strata that is extracted through a sub-pixel pitch microlens film deposited on the glass substrate. [9,082,735]

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