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ICAP Patent Brokerage is pleased to offer a unique set of patent portfolios developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Fueled by the greatest scientific minds in the world, NASA inventions are born at the forefront of research and technology.

Auctioning patents augments the agency's technology licensing program, which historically has been the main way NASA has allowed many industries-including the medical, aerospace, automotive, and communications sectors-to leverage its technology. The process increases the value of NASA technologies and puts those technologies to work in the economy, thereby increasing return on investment (ROI) for the taxpayer.

The 7 portfolios cover a broad range of technical fields, including:

• A reduced weight/power consumption apparatus for relative navigation, which utilizes reflected GPS signals to provide passive autonomous relative navigation of an orbiting spacecraft towards an orbiting body.
• A method of determining complete sensor requirements for autonomous mobility of an autonomous system (such as a drones, robots, or any unmanned system).
• An architecture for an autonomic system comprising signal generating, self-sacrifice enabled autonomic worker components (such as interoperable scientific instruments).
• An effective encryption technique utilizing message authentication codes and encryption codes derived from DNA, RNA, proteins and the processes of DNA and mRNA transcription, in conjunction with public-key cryptography.
• Radio/Optical sensing and communication equipment, including laser and microwave technologies
• A number of assets relating to space vehicle and scientific device manufacture and sensing, with strong implication in medical technology.
• Multiple techniques for signal processing and analysis, with an emphasis on optical signals and Fourier transform

To expedite the assimilation, use and adaptation of the technology, purchasers will be afforded an opportunity to discuss the technologies with the inventors.

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Lot IDsort icon IP Description Sector Seller Initial Bidding Guidance* Status
NASA-001 Method & Apparatus for Relative Navigation Using Reflected GPS Signals Navigation NASA High 5 Figures to Low 6 Figures CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY
NASA-002 Methods of Determining Complete Sensor Requirements for Autonomous Mobility Robotics/Artificial Intelligence NASA Low 6 Figures CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY
NASA-003 Method of Improving System Performance & Survivability through Changing Function Autonomous Systems NASA Low 6 Figures CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY
NASA-004 Encryption Derived from DNA & RNA Encryption NASA High 5 to Low 6 Figures CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY
NASA-005 Radio/Optical Sensing & Communication Optical Devices & Spectral/Optical Sensing NASA Please Inquire CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY
NASA-006 Space Vehicle / Scientific Equipment Manufacture & Instrumentation Scientific Equipment NASA Please Inquire CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY
NASA-007 Signal Processing & Analysis Signal Processing NASA Please Inquire CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY