Multi-Frequency RFID Tag

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Seller Touraj Ghaffari
Sector RFID
Assets 4 - US Patents; 2 - US Applications; 4 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 6,662,068 6,804,578 7,082,344 7,576,650
Applications US 10/963,423; US 13/532,765; AU 20020337865; CA 20022500112; EP 20020773767; PCT/US02/32964

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This invention is directed to a real time total asset visibility system which in a practical application is manifested in a monitoring system for maintaining inventory control, on a real time basis, of a variety of articles and within a monitored locale. In addition, the monitoring system of the present invention is capable of locating, tracking, identifying, and in some cases communicating with personnel so as to better accomplish the aforementioned real time total asset visibility of an area or locale being monitored. For purposes of clarity, the terms “monitored locale” may assume a variety of different locations such as, but not limited to a warehouse, manufacturing or storage facility, transport and/or delivery vehicles, as well as a variety of retail facilities. In addition, the versatility of the monitoring system of the present invention can be used for inventory control as well as positional and movement tracking of various articles with minimal or no structural/operational modifications of the various operative components of which the system is comprised. The system is full duplex and able to transmit with one frequency and receive with another frequency. That allows the ability to create zoning and receive data and transmit at the same time. Once a tag is ID’d it can go into sleep mode. The system also has RSSI (Receiver Sensitivity Signal input).

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