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Seller Stevrin & Partners
Sector Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, General Surgery
Assets 1 - US Patent; 2 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 8,928,746
Applications PCT/IB14/02878; PCT/US14/60949

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Proper treatment and diagnosis of a patient often involves a thorough examination of internal organs and structures using an endoscope. Previously-known endoscopes suffer a number of disadvantages, including initial capital cost, limited upgradeability to take advantage of improving camera technology, limited illumination capability, and the need for sterilization after each use. Such sterilization procedures are time consuming and expensive, and present a risk of contamination and infection.

This portfolio, comprising a single issued US patent and two international applications, discloses endoscopes constructed using low-cost, single-use illumination and camera modules. The illumination and camera module comprises an imaging element and an annular tube of optically transparent material having proximal and distal ends disposed around the imaging element, wherein the proximal end is configured to engage a plurality of LEDS and the distal end has a curved cross-section.

In particular, in some preferred embodiments, a cross-section of the annular tube may be in the form of an arc of a circle or an ellipse. In this manner, the annular tube serves as a light mixer and diffuser, providing uniform illumination within the field of view of the imaging element. Different imagining elements or lenses of varying magnification may be disposed within the annular tube. The invention may be constructed so that the illumination and camera module is detachably connected to reusable electronics via a thin cable, so that only the illumination and camera module and cable are discarded after a single use. Because the illumination and camera module is configured for single use, no sterilization is required except after initial manufacture.

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