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Available For Purchase at Fall 2012 Post Auction Catalog
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Seller Frank S. Maggio and Media IP Holdings, LLC
Sector Broadcast Communications / Advertising
Assets 1 - US Patent; 2 - Foreign Patents; 19 - US Applications; 17 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 6,606,745
Other Patents IN 200939; MX 244905
Applications US 10/418,491; US 10/434,622; US 10/439,121; US 10/638,105; US 10/683,939; US 10/976,149; US 11/348,973; US 11/397,481; US 11/479,709; US 11/603,795; US 11/657,384; US 11/712,861; US 60/239,631 (exp.); US 60/379,799 (exp.); US 60/381,149 (exp.); US 60/417,877 (exp.); US 60/453,150 (exp.); US 60/761,673 (exp.); US 60/778,640 (exp.); AU 2003232084; AU 20010049565; AU 20030279936; CA 20012425260; CA 20032501561; CN 20018018862; CN 20038103109; EP 20010922804; EP 20030773249; JP 20020535052; JP 20050501163; MX 2005PA03856; PCT/US01/09989; PCT/US03/14433; PCT/US03/32241; PCT/US04/25525; PCT/US05/39183

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The advent of online media has caused an increase in the number of broadcast outlets competing with mass media, and causing consumers to become even more distracted. Advertisers thus have more difficulty reaching mass numbers of consumers. Entertainment producers likewise have more difficulty assuring sponsors that consumers will watch/hear their advertisements. Consumers now can use technology permitting them to enjoy mass-media entertainment while ignoring or avoiding the advertisements. Advertisers therefore continually seek to develop ways to engage consumers via mass media, and novel incentives for consumers to watch/hear the ads. 
Value Proposition:  With priority dates from 2000, the patents in this portfolio describe methods and systems for offering a reward to a consumer for reacting to and engaging with an advertisement. The invention provides for communicating mass media advertising and commercial content to consumers via mass media, and distributing a query about the advertising content. The advertising includes an offer of a reward to consumers who reply with a correct answer to the query. The advertiser may broadcast an alert, warning consumers that an upcoming ad will contain a query, and announcing the reward; the ad is simultaneously or subsequently communicated with one or more questions presented thereafter. The correct answer may be presented in an additional broadcast. Consumers may receive and respond to queries using various communication devices and systems, e.g. personal mobile devices. Consumers may also be invited to register before or while making a response to the query, so that the promoters may collect marketing information, and survey, sample, or transact with consumers. The promoters may then edit and/or distribute registration and response information to the advertisers, select winners, distribute prizes, and fulfill opt-in transactions. The present invention thus provides an effective, entertaining, and rewarding way to advertise and promote.

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