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This portfolio discloses methods and devices for bifurcated guidewire delivery of multiple stents in the vasculature of a patient. The portfolio also includes procedures, implant delivery tools, and implants for caged stent delivery. The device can be used to position and deliver any type of stent to a preselected treatment site within an intraluminal cavity. The device may include a tubular portion, a plurality of arms attached to the distal end of the tubular portion, and a mechanism to open the arms. In operation, the caged device carries a stent in a constricted form to the treatment site for deployment. The arms of the cage are then opened, the stent released and deployed, and the device withdrawn. Several methods are provided to open the arms, including various pullwires, a piston, an electrolytic joint, and an activator. The arms may be constructed of a shape memory alloy and opened when shape memory behavior is effected. The device may be used with conventional catheters or with a stent-loaded guidewire.

The technology is applicable to at least the cardiovascular, peripheral, and neurovascular markets.

Forward Citing Companies: Abbott Laboratories, Biosensors International Group Ltd, Boston Scientific Corporation, C.R. Bard, Inc., Cook Group, Incorporated, E-Pacing, Inc., Delaware, Endologix, Inc., Flexible Stenting Solutions, Inc., Incept LLC, JW Industries, Medtronic Plc, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, XTENT, Inc.

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