Intelligent Bookmarks

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With a 2005 priority date, the disclosed portfolio describes techniques for creating and managing intelligent bookmarks for internet content, which provide search and organizational elements. Unlike browser based bookmarks, these intelligent bookmarks are stored in a cloud platform and accessible to all devices connected to the cloud. An intelligent bookmark is a collection of information, including an address (e.g., a URL) for a document (e.g., web page) or other hyper-media enabled item bundled together with selected other information. The selected other information may be manually or automatically obtained from the document, the browser history leading up to the display of the document, user entered annotations, etc. These intelligent bookmarks are all stored as a cloud platform and accessible over the internet. Using the methods of the inventions, intelligent bookmarks can be created for all content types, including text, audio, video, or any other rich media format. Individual users can create a collection of such intelligent bookmarks based on their preferences. Users can also provide annotations in the form of selected other information and also rate the bookmarks. In addition, users can sort and search their own collections or collaborate with other users to share the intelligent bookmarks. Intelligent bookmarks may be exchanged between users, and users may edit the bookmark content or in layers above the bookmark. Further, these intelligent bookmarks can be saved in conjunction with a user profile. This feature enables serving of targeted advertisements based on the content of the intelligent bookmarks. The patent provides a complete system for creating, storing, accessing, editing, grouping, exchanging, and searching intelligent bookmarks locally and/or remotely via a server.

Sample Forward Citations: Alphabet, Apple, Cisco, Dropbox, Facebook, HTC Corporation, IBM, Ifwe Inc., Microsoft, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Tencent, Toshiba

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