Increasing the Effective Serving Rate of a Network Router or Base Station


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Sector Networking
Assets 1 - US Patent
US Patents 7,092,355

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With priority dates from 1999, this portfolio offers benefits for network routers or base stations. In particular, the patent covers a buffer size for a router configured to receive packets transmitted through a communications network that is temporarily increased at a time instant corresponding to an onset of congestion of the router for a time period that may be approximately equal to a round-trip packet time in the network. The increase in buffer size may be accomplished by providing an auxiliary storage area for packets that would otherwise be stored in a queue at the router, for example an auxiliary storage area associated with a physical storage device external to the router. The patent provides a major insight into behavior of network traffic. While most congestion schemes treat network traffic as random, the ‘355 patent provides a method to estimate the network traffic. The method imposes a shock on the system to clear congestion at the moment of its onset.

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