Hybrid Nuclear & Geothermal Power Generation Patents Available from ICAP Patent Brokerage

NEW YORK, NY--(September 14, 2016) - ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for sale a patent portfolio disclosing a hybrid nuclear and geothermal power generation system, available from inventor Garry Hine. This IP package is available as part of the upcoming Fall 2016 Patent Auction, to be held October 18, 2016.

The invention provides for power generation by hybridizing geothermal power technology with a nuclear reactor positioned to supplement heat in the hot dry rock (HDR) zone (e.g., a 3000 to 4000m deep shaft), in a region where fluid for geothermal power generation is heated by passage through the rock.

"One of the many benefits of this process is an increased level of safety. Keeping high-temperature nuclear components underground protects the surface from potential meltdown and addresses terrorism-related concerns," said Paul Greco, Senior Vice President of Sales for ICAP Patent Brokerage.

Aside from increased safety, this novel technology address many problems associated with the prior art, including:

  • Efficiency - By increasing the HDR zone temperature, geothermal fluid temperature and overall plant efficiency are also increased.
  • Waste Disposal - Because the apparatus is already underground, the bore housing the reactor core can simply be filled/sealed, containing any radioactive contamination from depleted waste debris.
  • Life Span - nuclear heating of rock in the HDR zone compensates for thermal depletion due to the heat exchange (rock to fluid) in the geothermal power generation process, thereby extending the overall plant lifecycle and maximising profitability. Further, once a reactor is depleted and its bore sealed, a new bore can be drilled and a new reactor placed within the HDR zone to further extend the lifecycle of the hybrid plant.

See the executive summary of the hybrid nuclear/geothermal power IP sales offering.

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