Harvesting Ambient Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Energy for Powering Wireless Electronic Devices


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Seller Marc H. Cohen
Sector Wireless Charging
Assets 1 - US Patent; 1 - US Application; 1 - Foreign Application
US Patents 7,400,253

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The patent claims a system and device for harvesting various frequencies and polarizations of ambient radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic (EM) energy for making a passive sensor (tag) into an autonomous passive sensor (tag) adapted to collect and store data with time-stamping and some primitive computation when necessary even when an interrogating radio frequency identification (RFID) reader is not present (not transmitting). A specific source of ambient RF EM energy may include wireless fidelity (WiFi) and/or cellular telephone base stations. The system and device may also allow for the recharging of energy storage units in active and battery assisted passive (BAP) devices. The system could be a "smart building" that uses passive sensors with RF EM energy harvesting capability to sense environmental variables, security breaches, as well as information from "smart appliances" that can be used for a variety of controls and can be accessed locally or remotely over the Internet or cellular networks.

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