Fall 2016 Auction Catalog

ICAP Patent Brokerage auctioned portfolios from the Fall 2016 Auction Catalog on October 20, 2016.

The catalog featured a diverse set of technologies related to alternate/virtual reality, wireless audio, as well as a selection of domain names.

Other domain names can be found on the Domains & Brands listing.

Some portfolios are still available. Interested parties should email Michelle Tyler ([email protected]) for information on any of the lots below.

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Lot IDsort icon IP Description Sector Seller Initial Bidding Guidance* Status
Lot 001 Mobile Payments & Authentication Electronic Payments & Secure Information Transfer Gregory Dorso and Rachad Alao Low 6 Figures AVAILABLE AT AUCTION
Lot 003 Platform/Domain Name: singlesevents.com (+58 More) Domain Name N/A High 5 Figures AVAILABLE FOR PRE-AUCTION SALE
Lot 004 Remote Game Access Gaming Consoles Elbo, Inc. Low to Mid 6 Figures AVAILABLE AT AUCTION
Lot 006 Fax-to-Fax Routing & Scan-to-Email Secure Tracking, Confirmation & Archiving MFP's; Networked Scanners Gary Hochman Low 6 Figures AVAILABLE AT AUCTION
Lot 007 Integrated Image & Video Compositing Digital Imaging John G. Posa Low-to-Mid 6 Figures SOLD
Lot 008 Ranking Social Objects that Relate to a Discussion Subject Social Media; Semantic Analytics; AI Megathread, Ltd. Low 6 Figures AVAILABLE AT AUCTION
Lot 009 Hybrid Nuclear & Geothermal Power Generation Energy Garry Hine High 6 Figures AVAILABLE AT AUCTION
Lot 010 Shopper Behavior Face-Recognition; Biometrics; Retail VideoMining Corporation Low-to-Mid 6 Figures AVAILABLE AT AUCTION

* Initial Bidding Guidance is provided for diligence purposes only to indicate the vicinity of the expected minimum clearing price at the time the lot is posted here. ICAP Patent Brokerage offers this range to help buyers manage their diligence resources. Once posted, the Initial Bidding Guidance will not be altered in response to pre-auction diligence activity perceived by ICAP Patent Brokerage. ICAP Patent Brokerage makes no guarantee that the winning bid for a given lot will fall within the range of the Initial Bidding Guidance. Prospective bidders can contact Michelle Tyler at (312) 327-4438 or via email at [email protected] to receive registration materials and details regarding the sealed bid auction.