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Seller Siramics Inc
Sector Display/LED
Assets 3 - US Patents; 8 - US Applications
US Patents 8,697,541 8,994,260 9,006,083
Applications US 13/557,209; US 14/251,634; US 14/533,107; US 14/859,312; US 14/957,588; US 61/427,142; US 61/443,257; US 61/710,682

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With priority dates from 2010, this portfolio offers benefits for displays, including:

1. A method for forming a flat panel display which utilizes a silicon substrate wet etched to form sharp tip pyramids. The sharp tip pyramids can be used to fabricate electrodes for flat panel displays, such as a plasma display panel or a field emission display. This allows for lower voltage of operation and higher brightness to be obtained. [8,994,260]
2. Method for preparing single crystal silicon wafer for epitaxially growing gallium nitride (GaN), which can prevent the cracking that generally occurs in the deposited gallium nitride film, upon cooling from the elevated growth temperatures. This approach involves modifying a silicon wafer substrate, on the side opposite to the gallium nitride growth side, by coating of a suitable material having a thermal expansion higher than that of GaN. This layer induces compressive stresses in both the silicon and the GaN layers, upon cooling from room temperature. Since the induced compressive stress permeates into the GaN layer, though the silicon wafer, it in effect neutralizes the tensile stress induced in the GaN by silicon and, thereby, stabilizes it. [9,006,083 & 8,697,541]

Sample Forward Citing Companies: Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd., Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

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