Enhanced Digital Signal Processing

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Seller Divan Industries, LLC
Sector Telecommunications; DSP
Assets 9 - US Patents; 4 - Foreign Patents; 17 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 6,243,359 6,271,698 6,401,106 6,456,595 6,539,023 6,577,651 6,754,805 7,313,151 7,349,444
Other Patents BE 1360787; EP 1360787; FR 1360787; GB 1360787
Applications AT 20020714788; AU 20010078172; AU 20010079208; CA 19992283609; CA 19992283611; CA 20002371567; CA 20002388002; CN 2000809412; CN 2000815656; CN 2002804083; EP 20000926114; EP 20000993004; IL 149710; IN/PCT/2002/703/CHE; JP 20000616146; PCT/US00/10474; PCT/US00/41974; PCT/US01/24666; PCT/US01/24667; PCT/US02/02253

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With priority dates from 1998, this portfolio offers benefits for performing and enhancing digital signal processing operations, including:
1. Methods and apparatus for improving the way in which digital signal processors perform a wide variety of common operations including cross-correlation, sorting, finite impulse response filtering, in addition to other operations which use multiply, add, subtract, compare and/or store functionality. [6,401,106; 6,754,805]
2. Methods and apparatus for simultaneously and efficiently transferring synchronous and asynchronous signals among broadband access devices using a minimum number of lines. The patent covers a bus which includes a data bus, a clock bus, and a plurality of control lines which are used to indicate the type of data being carried on the data bus. Data is transferred on the bus in a repeating frame having a plurality of slots, each slot being defined as one bus clock cycle. Each slot may contain a synchronous or asynchronous data signal and one or more of the control lines are asserted during the slot time of the data to indicate the type of data. [7,313,151]
3. Methods and apparatus for handling maintenance messages in extended superframe T1 telephone circuits which makes efficient use of FIFO buffers. [6,539,023]
4. Methods and apparatus for calculating a pointer leak rate for retiming a SONET signal which (i) can switch between slower and faster leak rates and (ii) which efficiently absorbs short-term pointer bursts and; (iii) provides a leak rate substantially slower than the net asking rate. [7,349,444]
5. A method and apparatus for reliably detecting both AIS and AIS-CI signals in the presence of a bit error ratio up to 1×10−3 includes an AIS detector having an AIS indication output, a CI detector having a CI indication output, and a two signal AND gate having its inputs coupled to the respective outputs of the detectors and having an output indicative of an AIS-CI detection. [6,456,595]
6. A method and apparatus for (i) digitally correcting imperfectly equalized bipolar signals; (ii) eliminating erroneous pulses from an over-equalized bipolar signal; (iii) correcting the pulse width of an equalized bipolar signal and; (iv) eliminate erroneous bipolar violations from an equalized bipolar signal. [6,271,698]
7. Methods and apparatus for managing traffic in an ATM network by queuing ATM cells in an ATM switch. Further, the patent covers methods and apparatus for allocating available bandwidth according to fairness mechanisms. [6,243,359]

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