Endoscopic Surgical Stapler Procedure


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ID Cardio 006
Seller Peter Wilk
Sector Surgical Staplers, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, and General Surgery
Assets 1 - US Patent; 1 - US Application; 1 - Foreign Application
US Patents 8,685,058
Applications US 60/664,435; PCT/US06/08085

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This portfolio relates to lot numbers Cardio 004, Cardio 005, and Cardio 007 and pertains to a surgical method of creating an incision in a layer of organic tissue defining a wall. The incision has a pair of opposing lips or edges. The lips or edges are retracted towards the inner side of the tissue wall and brought towards each other. One or more closure elements (such as staples) are applied to the inwardly pulled lips or edges.

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