Dynamic Multimedia Image Presentations


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Seller Laurent F. Sidon
Sector Software & Search
Assets 1 - US Patent
US Patents 8,812,945

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With priority dates from 2006, this portfolio offers benefits for document presentation processing, including:

1. A method of dynamically creating real-time presentations responsive to search terms. The method comprises retrieving from one or more search engines information responsive to a search expression, parsing the retrieved information to create dynamically, in real-time, a structured document including mark-up tags, and rendering, in real-time, the structured document as a slide show presentation of images by a multimedia presentation module residing in a client device. The structured document may be any document using mark-up tags, for example, HTML, XML, SGML, etc. The information retrieved from the one or more search engines may include one or more of image URLs, thumbnail URLs, source page URLs, web domain URLs, textual information, tags, metadata, and abstracts. [8,812,945]

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