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Inventor-Driven Auction: Cybernet / Chuck Jacobus - December 10th, 2015

CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY - Inventor-Driven Auction: Cybernet / Chuck Jacobus - December 10th, 2015
ID Lot 003
Seller Cybernet/Chuck Jacobus
Sector Cloud Computing
Assets 1 - US Patent; 7 - US Applications
US Patents 8,463,839
Applications US 12/263,706; US 12/915,160; US 13/915,223; US 14/733,127; US 60/192,977; US 60/984,569; US 61/255,929

Lot Summary

With a priority date of 2000, this portfolio is directed towards network computing and, more particularly, to a distributed environment that supports massive groupware streaming and peer-to-peer packetized communications. This portfolio contains:

1. A network computing environment and method that facilitates many-to-many data streaming with substantial message culling as well as more standard network optimization such as conventional multicast and Internet host packet routing. The approach allows a very large (i.e., greater than 100,000) number of client applications to communicate logically through a multicast cloud over a common carrier, such as the Internet, to implement massive groupware configurations including distributed simulations, games, and client selectable/controllable data services used to broadcast audio, video, or other digital data (like medical data).

According to a preferred embodiment, the technology utilizes three primary components; namely: client software, lobby management, and specialized routing functions. The client software, preferably through an applications programming interface (API) connects a game client to a lobby manager or broker to initiate entry or joining of a federation (e.g. a game cloud made up of all active players). The lobby manager or brokering software accepts initial client connection, provides a means for validating the client's simulation software (i.e. checks for compatibility with the federation) and provides a means for downloading data to correct deficiencies. The lobby manager directs clients to routing systems, which are able to apply game-specific packet culling rules to and from clients based on programmed logic. Thus, a router can exhibit application stream-specific behaviors in addition to normal packet routing behaviors. [US 8,463,839]

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