Disposable Anti-Viral Tissue Dispenser Patents Available from ICAP Patent Brokerage

New York, NY – February 24, 2015: ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for sale describing an apparatus which provides for both tissue dispense and disposal, available via private sale from inventor Dr. Adrian Gluck.

“Flu and colds are an ever increasing, world-wide health concern. This simple solution has the potential to greatly reduce the spread of disease” says Dean Becker, CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage.


Key Characteristics & Benefits

Generally, people do not have ready access to a means of disposing used facial tissues. Many people who use tissues from a tissue box are seldom within reach of a disposal bin, and therefore they tend to put used tissues on a surface and contaminate the surface. These actions can be a major contributor to the spreading of illness and disease.

The invention includes a novel tissue box design that uses the current dimensions of a tissue box and adds a layer that when assembled by the consumer provides a disposal unit in addition to the current form. From the diagrams below you can see the inventor’s final product, and the single-piece cut of the materials in the factory.

To change the production line of current tissue boxes requires only a minor equipment adjustment, and CAD software change.

Kleenex, the dominant player in the facial tissue market, estimates facial tissues are used in 70 percent of households.

See the technical description of the anti-viral tissue dispenser IP sales offering.



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