Digital Medication Management System

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Available For Purchase at (CLOSED) 2017 Spring Catalog
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Sector Digital Medication Management System
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US Patents 6,766,219
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With a 1997 priority date, the disclosed portfolio describes systems and methods related to a digital
medication management system. The ADD-COMP digital medication management system was
designed to improve the effectiveness and reduce the cost of medication therapy and specifically
developed to address the problem of non-adherence (NA) commonly seen in medical practice. The
system uses an intelligent drug cassette which connects the user, via a smart phone or the Internet,
and is designed to reduce NA. It achieves this by educating the user about the medication, by
reminding the user when it is time to take the medication, by dispensing the medication exactly as
prescribed, by alerting others if the user is not adhering to the predetermined medication schedule,
and by measuring treatment response then informing the medical team about how well the
medication is working.

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