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Applications US 60/437,092; US 60/760,983; AU 20030299946; PCT/US03/41317; PCT/US07/60772; PCT/US08/50235

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This portfolio comprises patents and applications directed towards the treatment of distended vascular aneurysms and atherosclerosis, as well as embolectomy and angioplasty catheters.

Traditional aneurysm treatments are intrusive and potentially traumatic: extravascular approach (e.g, through the cranium), or extra-intravascular approaches which involve wall perforation, or occlusions which potentially overfill the sack, or coils with potential for recanalization. Less aggressive approaches have involved balloons, which pose migration risk, or technically challenging discs and liners, which may be insufficient for large aneurysms.

Patents in this portfolio disclose a satisfactory method for closing an aneurysm opening of varying size, which can be readily and consistently placed without damaging the vessel or risking damage to the aneurysm sack. In the preferred embodiment, a device comprising two inflatable disks is constructed such that when one inflatable disc is positioned in the aneurysm sack and the discs are inflated, the aneurysm neck is engaged there between. Fluid may flow between the first and second inflatable discs by means of a fluid passageway that includes a one-way valve.

The portfolio also discloses an inflatable device for the repair of stenotic vessels, utilizing a graft design that combines minimal size and increased flexibility, for successful navigation of torturous, stenotic blood vessels, aneurysms and other body passages. The device can open the occlusion with minimized occurrence of residue breaking free within the blood flow, thereby risking injury to another part of the body, while simultaneously creating a smooth interior walled lumen with an outer wall still secured to the vessel. The device also can be moved into position while in a collapsed state, thereby minimizing disruption or irritation of the lumen, and subsequently inflated to create a substantially flexible but stiff walled shunt capable of contouring to the shape of the lumen without collapse or buckling.

Finally, the portfolio discloses a novel embolectomy / angioplasty catheter, of small diameter, utilizing sets of expandable members which collapse into recesses which are part of the catheter body. The recesses provide the catheter body with a low profile for insertion into small blood vessels. In addition, the recesses may comprise openings for capturing emboli and clots by suction. The device can remove all or a significant portion of the blood clot without producing excessive pressure on the vessel.

Forward Citing Companies: Direct Flow Medical, Inc., Electroformed Stents, Inc., Medtronic Plc, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

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