Selectively Verifying or Blocking Remote Purchases


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Sector Payment Architectures; eCommerce
Assets 6 - US Patents; 1 - US Application
US Patents 6,108,642 6,714,919 7,158,947 7,657,460 8,180,687 8,682,745
Applications US 14/187,226

Lot Summary

With an early priority date from 1998, this portfolio is directed to methods for selectively verifying or blocking online or telephonic purchases, in an effort to protect against fraudulent debit or credit card orders. Additionally, the methods allow for selectively placing purchase limits. With an increasing number of eCommerce transactions taking place over mobile platforms, this portfolio provides added layers of security to online or in-app purchases. This is done by selectively blocking a remote purchase request based on information previously gained from a previous purchase request such as a purchasers IP address or telephone number. The legitimacy of a remote purchase request may also be verified by comparing the origin details for a card number involved in a transaction with the origin details on file for the card number at the card issuing financial institution. A transaction can be blocked if the origin details do not match or are not preapproved. Alternatively, a limit on the monetary value of purchases or on the quantity of purchases within a predetermined time period can be set. A higher limit can be placed on origins with a history of apparently non-fraudulent purchases. The patents allow a number of end uses. For example, users can set preset spending limits to keep tabs on their spending. Parents can place limits on their children’s spending accounts and be notified if certain purchases originate at prohibited locations or exceed a spending threshold. Any violation of such preset limits can trigger fraud or alert notifications in real time.

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