Company Information

Company Information

ICAP Patent Brokerage is the global leader in intellectual property brokerage. We leverage the talents of experienced intellectual property monetization professionals to match buyers and sellers for the sale of patents and other intellectual property assets. With multiple transaction platforms and unparalleled industry knowledge and experience, ICAP Patent Brokerage is the market leader in the transaction of intellectual property.

We Know Our Clients We take pride in our client-driven approach. By offering a broad range of brokerage platforms and unparalleled expertise and industry knowledge, we build value for our clients.

Market Guidance - In today’s volatile markets, older models of intellectual property monetization do not work. We specialize in adapting to ever-changing market conditions in order to achieve profitable results for our clients.

Industry Expertise - Intellectual property portfolios are more important than ever. It is not enough to understand patent law alone. Our brokers bring a deep understanding of industry makeup, technology trends, and patterns of buying preferences.

Targeted Marketing & Outreach - Buyers view intellectual property portfolios in drastically different lights. Today’s market requires a substantial level of due diligence, analysis, and development of sophisticated business cases to achieve successful results for clients. Our team works hard to target the right potential buyers and provide them will all necessary information and service needed to close a deal.

Transaction Structuring - We approach each engagement as a new and unique opportunity to exceed the expectations of our clients. No two transactions are identical so we provide our clients with strategic options that weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each at every stage of the sales cycle.

We Know the Industry Our veteran brokers have decades of experience in intellectual property revenue generation on behalf of large corporations, small businesses, universities, federal laboratories, and individual inventors. We leverage our unmatched knowledge and client-driven approach to successfully transact patents and other intellectual property assets.

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