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ID Cardio 012
Seller Robert V. Snyders
Sector Cardiac Failure, Cardiology, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Ventricular Assist Devices, and Surgical Cardiomyoplasty
Assets 1 - US Patent; 1 - US Application; 1 - Foreign Patent; 3 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 6,095,968
Other Patents AU 758285
Applications US 60/081,286; CA 19992327726; JP 20000543083; PCT/US99/07726

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The portfolio relates to a heart assist device intended for the long term support of certain late-stage cardiac failure states, particularly those known in the practice of cardiology to be called a dilated cardiomyopathy. A method is described wherein a "viscous cardioplasty jacket" is fashioned to provide a buttressing effect to the ventricular heart walls to thus render a more efficient cardiac contractile mechanism whereby the patient is afforded improved heart function to allow increased physical activities. Such a viscous compliant enclosure of the ventricular heart masses can be utilized concurrently with recognized drug therapy which is sometime lacking in beneficial effect for these patients and is far less traumatic than the currently practiced surgical cardiomyoplasty (CMP) procedure. Application of this device may be accomplished through a relatively non-invasive endoscopic procedure in a more refined methodology of anatomical implantation of the device.

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