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With an earliest priority date of 2009, the portfolio discloses an improved bone fusion device, with a unique structure, including an anchor, compressor and positioned screws, to facilitate angular fusion, controlled bone compression for maximum healing for upper and lower extremities.

Abstract (8,715,326) Embodiments of the invention are directed to a distal interphalangeal (“DIP”) fusion device for connecting a first bone of a patient to a second, adjacent bone of the patient. The device may include an anchor assembly and a compressor assembly. In another embodiment, a separate compressor base assembly is included. In yet another embodiment an access port assembly is included. The anchor assembly is rotationally coupled to one end of the compressor assembly, such that the compressor assembly may rotate about the anchor assembly within a semi-spherical zone (three degrees of rotational freedom) and translate axially (one degree of translational freedom). In an operative position, the anchor assembly is anchored in an intermediate phalanx of a digit of a patient, the compressor assembly is contained in a distal phalanx of the digit, and the distal phalanx is flexed relative to the intermediate phalanx to create a joint angle. The joint angle is then fixated for fusion by compressing the phalanges together in the flexed position by counter-rotation of the compressor assembly. An advantage of an embodiment of the invention is the screw threads may be matching which eliminates the need to pre-drill two different diameter pilot holes.

Abstract (8,529,611) A system, including methods, apparatus and kits for connecting bones and/or bone portions using a multi-part bone connector with one or more rotating joints is disclosed. A flexible bone fusion apparatus is provided having an anchor and a compressor, each of which engages with a coupler to provide axial and/or linear rotation of the apparatus. Alternatively, a compressor and an anchor may directly join with each other at a shared interface. Tools for installing and compressing the apparatus are provided. Also provided is a method for fusing two bones or bone portions to create a non-linear post-fusion orientation. A further aspect of the disclosure is a method for maintaining thread synchronization of a bone fusion apparatus having a discontinuous thread.

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