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Seller Barrelhead Ventures, LLC
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Barrelhead® Root Beer was a brand of root beer that used to be manufactured by Dr Pepper Snapple Group. It was marketed as “draft style” root beer. One of their marketing points was the flavor, which was said to be strong enough to stand up to a mug full of ice without becoming watered-down. The “jingle” on their radio commercials was, “For old fashioned flavor, take our advice, drink Barrelhead root beer, and don’t spare the ice, ’cause it’s real draft style root beer, with real draft style foam, ’cause Barrelhead has, Barrelhead has, brought homestyle root beer home!”

In September 2016, at the Atlantic City Seafood Festival, Barrelhead Ventures LLC, a Pennsylvania-based company, re-launched the soft drink brand Barrelhead® Root Beer.

Barrelhead® is considered one of the top 10 brands of all time for root beer. This is a perfect established brand for a company who wants to market a beverage with instant name recognition!

The existing U.S. federal registration is on the Principal Register for Classes 21 (Mugs); 25 (Graphic T-Shirts and Hats); and 32 (Root Beer). This sale also includes the valuable domain name BARRELHEAD.COM. A pending Intent-to-Use application exists for Hard Root Beer (alcoholic). A logo has been used, but is currently unregistered.

Please note that the asset sale includes BARRELHEAD.COM, but does NOT include the formulation for the soft drink or existing distribution.