Due Diligence

ICAP Patent Brokerage oversees the due diligence process on every portfolio for sale. Our team acts as liaison between sellers and potential bidders to ensure all necessary documents and contracts are submitted. Online Secure Data Room Qualified Bidders will have access to a password-protected online data room that will contain detailed information regarding the intellectual property and related items for sale. The IPB Parties make no representation or warranty that any documentation provided in any data room is either complete or accurate, and the IPB Parties shall have no liability in connection therewith. One-to-One Meetings Potential Bidders will have the option of arranging private due diligence meetings or conference calls with the Seller prior to the event and during the event. Prior to the event, potential Bidders interested in contacting a seller should arrange such conference calls through ICAP Patent Brokerage to protect anonymity. At a Live Auction event, please check the registration desk for a representative who will arrange the meeting if not already scheduled. These meetings will provide the potential Bidder with the opportunity to interact with the Seller and/or corporate representative and conclude any remaining due diligence. Seller Agreements Consignment agreements are signed by every seller. As a condition of participation, each seller and bidder agrees not to use the participation of any registered seller or bidder as evidence in any action seeking to enforce a patent, copyright, or trademark for any purpose.