Activity & Wellbeing Monitoring, Panic Alerts & Health Indicators


Summer 2016 Auction Catalog

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ID Lot 015
Seller Pomdevices, LLC
Sector Telemedicine
Assets 4 - US Patents; 14 - US Applications; 3 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 8,409,013 8,427,302 8,681,009 8,890,656
Applications US 13/102,300; US 13/151,034; US 13/151,572; US 13/217,649; US 13/780,180; US 14/480,201; US 61/333,598; US 61/345,836; US 61/350,749; US 61/350,792; US 61/352,270; US 61/352,294; US 61/377,275; US 61/378,540; PCT/US11/36093; PCT/US11/38960; PCT/US11/49332

Lot Summary

With a 2010 priority date, the disclosed portfolio covers interactive electronic games results as health indicators (e.g., glucose levels), as well as activity trend detection, trend analysis and notification to a caregiver. Generally, the patents deal with game results generated by a variety of networked interactive gaming devices (e.g. smartphone, PC- or game console-based, wearables, etc.), as well as capturing and processing these game results on a portable computing device to generate health indicators (e.g., 10,000 steps per day or declining mental acuity, etc.) and notifying user or caregiver of the health indicators. The patents also deal with personal activity data generated through similar techniques to a range of other devices, including, but not limited to, motion or sound detectors, DVR or networked TV.

Sample portfolio abstracts:
US 8,409,013
In one example, a portable patient computing device receives results of a plurality of gaming sessions of a patient using a local or remote interactive electronic gaming system. The portable patient computing device identifies a trend based on the game results, or passes the game results to a caregiver computing device for remote trend identification. After the portable patient computing device receives a result of a new gaming session of the patient using a local or remote interactive gaming system, the portable patient computing device either analyzes the newly received result using the identified trend, or passes the newly received result to the remote caregiver computing device for remote analysis, or both. A caregiver of the patient is notified according to a result of the analysis.

US 8,427,302
In one example, a process includes receiving a plurality of first communications and a plurality of second communications, each first communication capturing activity of a patient using a first device at a different time and each second communication capturing activity of the patient using a second device at a different time. The process includes identifying a macro trend for all monitored activity of the patient based on data taken from the first and second communications. The process includes comparing data taken from a new communication from at least one of the first and second devices to the identified macro trend. A caregiver may be notified according to the comparison.

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