Integrated Image & Video Compositing


Fall 2016 Auction Catalog

SOLD - Fall 2016 Auction Catalog
ID Lot 007
Seller John G. Posa
Sector Digital Imaging
Assets 1 - US Patent; 1 - US Application
US Patents 9,350,924
Applications US 15/162071

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With a 2014 priority date, the disclosed portfolio describes an apparatus and methods to simultaneously use multiple smartphone cameras for added functionality, including:

Abstract (US 9,350,924)

Digital imagery is composed or composited within a smartphone or other portable electronic device to merge foreground and background subject matter acquired simultaneously with different cameras or acquired at different times with the same camera. A processor stores the digital imagery along with information derived or used by an operation to differentiate the foreground subject matter from the background scene, which may be a digital matting operation, and/or may involve finding an edge or an outline of the foreground subject matter. The foreground subject matter and the background scene may be stored as different graphical layers in the memory. A user control such as a touchscreen may enable a user to select and resize or reposition the foreground subject matter on a background scene of a separately acquired image. The digital imagery may constitute a still image or a sequence of images representative of motion video.

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