Mobile Payments & Authentication

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at Fall 2016 Auction Catalog

Available For Purchase at Fall 2016 Auction Catalog
ID Lot 001
Seller Gregory Dorso and Rachad Alao
Sector Electronic Payments & Secure Information Transfer
Assets 2 - US Patents; 3 - US Applications; 2 - Foreign Applications
US Patents 8,826,399 9,213,972
Applications US 14/935,803 (continuation); US 61/528,955; US 61/567,120; PCT/US12/48778; PCT/US12/67204

Lot Summary

With a 2011 priority date, the disclosed portfolio describes systems and methods to make payments using a mobile communication device, using existing infrastructure and obviating expensive hardware upgrades at Point-of-Sale, including:

US 9,213,972 – Systems and methods for fast mobile payment
A method of completing transactions using a device includes displaying a pictogram including transaction details associated therewith by a merchant. The mobile device acquires the pictogram. The mobile device or a remote server decodes the transaction details. The mobile device displays for a user the decoded transaction details. If the decided transaction details are acceptable to the user, the user accepts, via the mobile device, the decoded transaction details. The mobile device transmits a confirmation of acceptance by the user to a remote server. The remote server transmits a payment request for the payment amount reflected in the transaction details to a payment gateway. The payment gateway validates the payment request. The merchant and the device receive a payment confirmation.

US 8,826,399 – Systems and methods for fast authentication with a mobile device
A system for authenticating a user to a service includes a service, an authentication server and a device. The service includes first signal interface, first processing hardware and first user interface. The authentication server includes second signal interface and second processing hardware. First signal interface transmits a request to the authentication server to authenticate a user. Second processing hardware creates a session identifier and encodes it into a pictogram. Second signal interface transmits the pictogram to the service. The device includes third processing hardware that scans the pictogram and extracts the session identifier, and a third signal interface that transmits the credentials and the session identifier to the authentication server. Second processing hardware verifies the credentials, and second signal interface securely transmits the result of the authentication to the service.

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